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Last Thursday CWU President Audrey Matura Shepherd and a handful of Stevedores held a brief at the CWU Office on Cemetery Road, where they provided an update on the issue of the Collective Bargaining agreement for Stevedores at the Port of Belize. At the time Matura Shepherd said that the CWU and its negotiating team had formulated a CBA and were to meet with authorities from the Port this week to hammer out smaller details in their proposals.  They did meet this week and Matura Shepherd provided this update;

Audrey Matura Shepherd, President CWU: Tuesday we signed our framework agreement with the port of Belize which is very historic. We got the entire negotiation team from two sides to sign and we actually are meeting each other at a  middle ground to move forward.vlcsnap-2015-10-08-20h49m03s499

It is expected that shortly; the two teams will move on to negotiating the Collective Bargaining agreement for Stevedores at the Port of Belize.   And one more piece of CWU-related news: At today’s BPP launch in Belize City Political Aspirant for Collet Raymond Rivers took the opportunity to try to mend a somewhat broken relationship with his union president Audrey Matura Shepherd.  Rivers publicly apologized and asked Matura Shepherd to join the BPP.  This is what he had to say;

Raymond Rivers, Political Aspirant for Collet: Due to my work and the union I’m in, me vlcsnap-2015-10-08-21h05m01s32and Miss Audrey Matura Shepherd went a little crossway because of my work and me fighting for the 150 workers that the Port of Belize has, and she was dragging her feet but I want her to know I, Raymond Rivers apologize to her if she thought I said anything bad to her, and I’m asking her to please come along with the BPP and bring the people who you have behind you, the finance you have behind you because I know, I’ve been to your house, I’ve been talking to you several times and we need you to lead our country into a better country. Miss Audrey I apologize, I really really apologize, this is coming from the bottom of my heart and I want the media to please show this for me because Miss Audrey is a person who has lot of sense and skills when it comes to party. I respect her, but we have our little differences and I apologize.


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