Cycling rift still not resolved

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h51m22s7PLUS News learned on Saturday that the rift in the sport of cycling may not yet be healed. We were there for the election of the board representing the Western Region at the Belmopan Hotel, a re-do of the election held a few weeks ago in San Ignacio Town which was overturned because ineligible persons participated and voted. That election saw incumbent cycling president Emil Moreno and his slate elected over a slate led by Gilroy Spence. Spence and his vice-presidential candidate Daniel Cano took the matter to the protest committee of the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association which ruled last Wednesday in their favour and set elections for Saturday. There being no other candidates, on Saturday Spence was confirmed as president, Cano as vice-president, Michael Williams as secretary, Isaura Carolee Williams as treasurer and Emil Figueroa as a member with two other slots open. But it is not over yet. According to Olympic president Hilly Martinez who oversaw Saturday’s election in which 35 of 63 eligible voters participated, the matter may land in court.

Hilly Martinez – Olympic President:
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h51m39s185I got an e-mail yesterday from Mayor Bradley Junior, in which Emil Moreno is contesting the elections illegally.  So they applied for an injunction.  So if they get the injunction then it’s a matter for the court to decide.  At presently we don’t have an injunction.

New president Spence expressed the hope that the matter can be quickly resolved.

Gilroy Spence – New President:
It’s another curved ball in the sport.  We’re hoping to clear this out quick, because the cyclists are the ones that are suffering right now.  There’s no race.  There’s so many legal things going on that nobody can’t do anything but sit by and wait until the President would be just come to an understanding and let us move on with the sport.

But does he believe he is the legitimate president in light of the possible challenge? Until shown otherwise, Spence says yes.

Gilroy Spence – New President:
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h51m53s72Early I notice he was one that ran the election, so I am the President, as far as is legal.  That’s going to be another page in the book of cycling.  We’re hoping that this be over with quick, and we get back to racing.  That’s what the cyclists really want.

PLUS News is seeking comment from attorney Leo Bradley. If the challenge does not succeed a national election is scheduled for Wednesday of this week. This afternoon we reached attorney Leo Bradley Jr. who told us that a claim form has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the validity of Saturday’s election. A hearing date has not yet been set.

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