Cyclist Fighting for Life After being Hit Down by a Bus

vlcsnap-2013-12-24-23h30m54s65Tonight, the family of a promising young cyclist and scholar is asking the nation to join them in prayer for the recovery of their loved one, who was knocked down this morning.

22 year young Geon Hanson was training for the upcoming Krem Classic cycling competition around 5:30 a.m. on the George Price Highway in St. Matthews Village, when a bus travelling in the same direction hit him down.  Hanson was later transported to the Western Regional Hospital in an unconscious state, suffering from internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. He underwent emergency surgery to remove his spleen and afterward was transported to the KHMH. We spoke with Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sinquest Martinez this afternoon who outlined what Police have gathered so far.

vlcsnap-2013-12-24-23h34m36s3ASP Sinquest Martinez- Commander of the Belmopan Police Formation

“So far to us was that J & J passenger bus that was traveling towards from Belize City, hit the cyclist from behind, but claim to say that there was an incoming vehicle with a high beam, and by the time he saw the cyclist, he tried to avoid, he went to the left hand side up… to the extreme left, but the right hand side of the bus hit the cyclist unfortunately.  He was transported to the Belmopan Hospital in a critical condition.   After which the driver was detained, we continued to investigate the matter because there some of our police officers in the bus that assisted likewise.  So, we continued to record statements.  The vehicle has been inspected by the motor vehicle inspector, we have served an NIP on the driver of the bus”.

Reporter:  “Are there any charges going to be brought against the bus driver?”

ASP Sinquest Martinez:  Most likely, charges will be laid on him, but we are waiting on the results of how Mr. Hanson will cooperate and see what the doctor will classify”. 

Correspondent Eufemio Cruz of LoveNews, spoke with Hanson’s mother, Anna Hanson, who appealed to motorists to exercise caution, as cyclists, just like her son, traverse the highways daily.

vlcsnap-2013-12-24-23h41m48s128Ms. Ana Hanson- Mother of the Cyclist

“He has a lot of internal bleeding and I am asking the Christian community to please lift him up in prayer, but I want to say to the bus drivers and ask them to please be a little more careful because these young people are doing something good.  They are taking care of their exercising.  They are involved in cycling for so many years.  Please be more careful when they are out there on t he highways.  They go out every morning; they are consistent with this; they love the cycling, but it’s so dangerous out there and  the motorists don’t give them any respect on the road.  Please give them the respect when they are out there on the highways “.

Messages of well wishes and prayers from family and friends, flooded the cyclist’s Facebook page today. Hanson, a member of the Capital City Cycling Club, has been riding professionally for the past six years.

Hanson is an honorary graduate of the University of Belize and is scheduled to pursue a Master’s Degree overseas in January, on a full-scholarship.  We understand he underwent a second successful surgery at the KHMH this afternoon. No injuries of persons on the bus were reported.

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