Cyclists agree on way forward

Cyclists agree on way forward. Cycling has been in a state of flux in recent times with members of the community in open revolt against President Emil Moreno over his attempts to change the voting process for election of a cycling executive. But Moreno got a heavy boost from Sports Minister Herman Longsworth and the International Cycling Union and he remains in charge for the most part. Moreno is sharing power with an interim committee which is managing the sport until elections can be held and which has come up with the beginnings of a formal plan for those elections. The plan was revealed at an often testy special meeting of the Association held in Belize City on Saturday. We get more from Melvin Torres, a member of the committee and past cycling president who told us that it’s just about over.

Melvin Torres – Past Cycling President:  
vlcsnap-2013-03-04-20h20m56s23There isn’t any conflict. Everyone agreed that we would utilize the 2006 Constitution, and we will act on those rules and regulations that applies to the way the election ought to be held. We are now in the process of re-registering our members.  Thereafter we will call the election in the different zones, and then we will call the General Assembly for the First Congress.

No dates have been set for those elections but the registration will be completed by next Monday, March 11. More important is the fate of two major races coming up on the cycling calendar, the Belmopan Classic and Cross Country Cycling Classic on Holy Saturday, now just three weeks away. Torres tells PLUS News who will be in charge of both events and comments on how the plan was received by cyclists overall.

Melvin Torres – Past Cycling President:
Those will be held.  We will have special committees that will be responsible to organise and plan them. We will follow in the process, and try and get those off in time.
Most people have recognized that this is the way forward.  There is still some confusion, but for the most part most people recognize that [Emil Moreno] will be the person to head the shop, until we reach those elections.

Cyclists are being asked to register with the Association in order to participate and vote.

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