Danger for Belize’s Fruit Industry; Destructive Fruit Fly Spotted in Belize

There is breaking news tonight in the Agriculture sector.  PlusNews has been reliably informed that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, scientific name ceratitis capitata, has been identified in Southern Belize. Belize has enjoyed Med Fly free status for decades, something our Latin American friends have not been able to enjoy. The Med Fly can be devastating to the Citrus Industry as well as the papaya industry and we understand that the Med Fly infestation is taking place, fortunately, in a remote location offshore in southern Belize; the Sapodilla Caye range. Our source claims that the presence of the fly on the island can be attributed to the regular visits of Guatemalan daytime tourists to the caye who bring food, including contaminated fruits and vegetables. The Ministry of Agriculture nor BAHA have made any public comments on the revelations

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