Dangerous Mix: Alcohol, Children, Water, Violence and Lewd Behavior







Alcohol, river, sexually explicit moves, children, and violence.  Those words just don’t sound like they should go together but at a Belikin Bash this past weekend, they all came together in a most shameful display.

The Belikin Bash was held this past weekend at the banks of the Macal River and the questions being asked now are how was it that children were a part of the crowd?

Shouldn’t these events be strictly for adults who show an identification at the gate?  Why is it that an alcohol drinking fest would not be in a closed venue away from waters where two teenagers had drowned just the day before?

On reviewing some of the footage of the fest, the lewd and sexually explicit dance moves, were exhibited before children. That dance competition eventually turned into an all out brawl where a group of females started fighting in the waters.

Again, as adults seemed to be enjoying the show of violence, children could also be seen looking on.

The police presence was small in comparison to the crowd of Belikin drinkers but the police tried to handle the situation and break up the fight.

We understand that three of those women were charged for disorderly conduct and arraigned in the San Ignacio magistrate court.

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