Dangriga Fire Fighters and Leaking Hoses

An overnight fire in Dangriga gutted a small two story wooden structure and an eyewitness says they fire fighters need to upgrade their equipment. We hear more in this report from Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu.


Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent

“This is what is left of this two bedroom house, that was destroyed by fire last night, here in this municipality.

vlcsnap-2014-11-07-16h08m26s199Officials from the Fire Department reported that they responded at about 7:24 p.m. to a call of a fire that was in progress in the second road side area of Dangriga. They responded quickly and began fighting the fire.

After it was all over the elevated wooden structure, measuring 24 by 30, looks like this, and it’s entrance turned to rubble.

Reports indicate that the owner of the house,  Police Officer Desmond Ramos, was on the veranda of the house when he suddenly heard a loud sound that came from inside the kitchen.

Preliminary investigation from the Fire department reviled that the cause of the fire resulted from a leaking butane gas tank.

Fire Fighters were able to extinguish the fire in due time, and prevented it from spreading to nearby homes.

The estimated cost of the house and its contents is said to be some forty-five thousand dollars.

An eyewitness who lives in the area, Peter Reyes, said that there needs to be some improvement and upgrading of the fire fighting equipments. 



Peter Reyes – Eyewitness

“At the scene of the fire, we tried calling 9-1-1 and we could not get to them last night and we got to the area where the fire is, because I live in the area. I started to scold the firemen because they train about two times for the week and the hose was leaking more water than what was spraying on the house on both sides from the valve and from the hose. I told them personally, that they are trained but when you are trained, you are supposed to know that these hoses are leaking. This was an emergency, why didn’t they fix the hose?”


Harry Arzu

“Whose fault do you think that is?”


Peter Reyes

“I think it is the fire station, the one in charge of the office, because they have these guys training nearly every week so they must know that the hose is leaking. It leaked from both sides, from the valve and from the hose and the water finished quickly, they had to go back for water, which took a little while. The house’s post wasn’t burnt yet, not even the ceiling and not even the steps and by the time they came back the ceiling and the posts had caught fire. It’s the time that they took to come back.”


Fortunately no one was hurt during the fire.


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