Dangriga Has New PUP Candidate

A fifth member of the current House of Representatives has decided not to run again in the upcoming general elections. Dangriga’s first-term area representative Hon. Ivan Ramos is stepping aside for his compatriot, retired educator Anthony Sabal. The grandson of Thomas Vincent Ramos is leaving as a result of a call for change from his executive committee. But while he is humble and does not regret his decision, he did have a word of caution for his party moving forward.


Ivan Ramos – P.U.P. Area Rep., Dangrigavlcsnap-2015-05-14-12h53m17s64

“My brothers and sisters and as a party, I know we are at a crossroad and I have listened to the call for changes and that there will be changes. I want to say to my party that I believe yes, change; yes, you want that assurance that we will form the government. But let me give a word of caution. Be careful what you are doing. I ask that you be careful what you are doing. I am not a person that talks too much; especially, I don’t entertain idle talk. I hate idle talk. I have never entertained idle talk so I am not the kind of person that even attracts those kinds of persons. This party has been engaged in too much idle talk and it is hurting the party. It is something that I’ve said around the table before and I am saying it again. You will cause your own destruction if you don’t desist from this behavior. 



Ramos said he got into politics to create change for the Culture Capital, and issued a challenge to his successor to be the man to stand up for the people of Dangriga. He says that while he could have stayed and fought, he is not that kind of guy.


Ivan Ramos

“I have absolutely no gripes about what I have decided because I could have stayed on and fight and muddy the waters – but the questions is what good will that do for me and for the party? And so when Mr. Sabal came and talk to me about politics  and about running and the backing those who are putting it together – I gave him my assurance I will have absolutely no problem supporting you and that is what this is about today. My brothers and sitsters, my party, I want to depart by saying, Ivan Ramos, if you know him, the thing about it is that very often people don’t know me. I am convinced more than ever that they don’t know me. Fine and good. I can assure you that I will be the same person tomorrow.”



 Earlier PUP leader Francis Fonseca had paid tribute to the kind of area representative Ramos is and was.


Francis Fonseca –  P.U.P. Leadervlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h00m51s250

“I want to pay tribute to Honorable Ivan. As I have said  over the past few weeks in particular, we have had many discussions about Dangriga and how we move forward  in Dangriga. I want everyone to know that this decision taking over the past few weeks is a decision made by the Honorable Ivan Ramos. He himself came to this  decision and came to this point. He and I had a very good discussion a few days ago at which he made it very clear to me that he felt that his future contributions to the party, his future work on behalf of his community, on behalf of the people of Dangriga, on behalf of the people of the south could be made in other ways other than serving as an elected representative for the people of Dangriga.”


And the new man had his response ready for his predecessor.


Anthony Sabal –  New Standard Bearer, Dangrigavlcsnap-2015-05-14-13h07m27s109

“Mister Ramos what you wanted to achieve and couldn’t because we were in opposition I will achieve. We must step forward and do our share. Something is wrong is our beloved Belize. Some things are definitely wrong. We cannot sweep them under the rug, we cannot just theorize or worse we cannot wait for someone else to solve them. Being quiet about wrongdoings cause those to look up to us to think that nothing is wrong and if we are not careful, these things become the norm. At some point in time, we must do our share. This is a part of my share.”



 Ramos joins Orange Walk East representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez on the list of casualties going into the next general election. On the UDP side, Elvin Penner, Santino Castillo and Herman Longsworth have all stood down.

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