Dangriga Market finally completed

After many delays, the much anticipated Dangriga Town Market is finally completed.

The Dangriga Market Project was launched in May 2012, under the Belize Municipal Development Project that is being implemented by the Social Investment Fund (SIF).

If you can remember in 2013, when the project was originally projected to be completed, SIF was hit hard by a barrage of  allegations of corruption. A lot of inconsistencies surfaced, and SIF had to do some major reshuffling of staff.

vlcsnap-2014-10-22-06h43m27s148Former Executive Director Daniel Cano, caught in the middle of the whole fiasco, tendered his resignation.

Then on April 2014, after turning a new leaf, SIF resumed works at the Dangriga Market.

The Project is the largest infrastructure project under the Government’s $30 million US Dollars Belize Municipal Development Project. The total cost for the Dangriga project is $1,843,419.67. Counterpart funding by the Dangriga Town Council totalled $55,302.59.

The Dangriga Market will be officially inaugurated on Thursday October 23rd.

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