Dangriga Mayor in Court for backhoe delivery payment

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-10h19m42s208On Friday the Mayor of Dangriga Major Swaso was to appear in Dangriga Court to answer to another matter unrelated to SIF market project. The court matter relates to a Backhoe purchased on behalf of the Dangriga Town Council, but the deal turned muddy because the Claimant says that he has not been fully paid. Harry Arzu , our Dangriga correspondent tells us more.

Harry Arzu  – Dangriga correspondent:

Dangriga was badly in need of a backhoe to clean up clogged-up drains and other waterways.  Well they say progress bring problems.  This backhoe that you see here in the Dangriga Town Council Compound reportedly was bought in Houston, USA, for some twenty thousand dollars.  The equipment arrived in the country earlier this year.  But this same equipment has cost the Mayor of this municipality, Gilbert Swaso, to be facing a Dangriga Magistrate, allegedly due to payment owed for the delivery of the backhoe to Dangriga.  Reportedly over two thousand dollars is owed to one Dennis Belinni, the individual who delivered the backhoe.  Today [Friday] the Mayor was in the Magistrate’s Court again, but the case was adjourned until further notice. 

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-10h19m48s18According to Belinni, who is from Belmopan,  he has spent months travelling to and from the Dangriga Town Board office trying to obtain what is rightfully his. It was only after it was clear to him that the Council was not going to reimburse him for services rendered on their behalf, that he made the decision to pursue the matter in Court. The case has been adjourned until the last week of September. PlusNews will keep you posted.

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