Dangriga Shoot Out!

There was an exchange of gunfire last night in Dangriga according to police which resulted in one person, a 17 year old minor, being shot to the leg. Authorities say that sometime around 7:45 pm on Wednesday May 20th, police were conducting patrols in the “Backatown” area, Dangriga, when they reportedly encountered two persons acting suspiciously. Upon approaching them, the two individuals  ran away. As a result, police pursued the male persons when one of them allegedly turned around and fired several shots at the police who returned fire, injuring one of the individuals on the leg. Police discovered in his possession a ski mask and a .22 handgun containing 6 live rounds. Authorities also recovered from the scene 3 expended shells. The teenager in question was handcuffed and taken to the Southern Regional Hospital where he was treated and released into police custody. Dangriga police suspect the duo was about to commit a burglary. Police have not levied any charges as yet and are still looking for the other person as investigations continue.vlcsnap-2015-05-22-10h04m56s91

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