Dangriga Town battles coastal erosion

Dangriga Town is presently battling against long-standing coastal erosion that has threatened several landmarks. The Mayor, Gilbert Swazo, says it is important that something gets done immediately so a team led by the Petters Research Institute is being commissioned to look at the problem.

H. Gilberto Swazo – Mayor of Dangriga Town:
Well, that is fundamental to find out what is causing the erosion. In view of that, we are partnering with other organizations, which will also include the Pitters Institute and they will be sending scientist with a view, then to ascertain specifically what is the cause of that erosion. But we cannot wait for that because we need to halt it. As a matter of fact, the fence for the Social Security Park is just about compromised, so we cannot wait for that. So we have to do something to halt the erosion, as we speak.

The exact acreage lost to date is unknown but in order to keep from losing any more, a plan has been developed. Mayor Swazo tells us about it.

H. Gilberto Swazo – Mayor of Dangriga Town:
vlcsnap-2013-03-20-20h35m39s237The erosion situation in Dangriga is very critical, and as a council we believe that it is our responsibility to arrest that situation as early as possible. As a result I returned to Dangriga to get together my technical team with a view then to start the initial process of organizing a proposal.
The intent is for us in the first instance, to halt the erosion, and then once we halt the erosion then that will retain what we have. And once that is completed, then we go into the reclamation phase. We have directed that anyone who is demolishing, in the first instance like those brick houses, we can utilize to form the same growing that has – that I’ve spoken about. Those growing will certainly halt the erosion.

The Culture Capital’s name comes from the Garinagu for “standing waters”, meaning the Stann Creek River which flows through it.

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