Daniel Jimenez returns to be with his mother

National Team Footballer Daniel Jimenez is tonight with his ailing mother Teresita, after having to come home following news of a turn for the worse in her condition. She had suffered a stroke last week but she told her son she wanted him to play in the U.S. He shared his emotions with the press who greeted on his arrival at the International Airport this afternoon.
Daniel Jimenez says his mom is perhaps his biggest inspiration. He told us about her present condition.

Daniel Jimenez – National Team Member:
vlcsnap-2013-07-12-20h31m28s79It’s hard because I was over there training with the team, but my mind wasn’t with the team. From the moment, my brother called and told me what happened to my ma. My ma was one of my strongest supporters, see has gone to all of my games since I play football and it is just hard to know she has to go. I just had to come back, I couldn’t have been out there knowing that she is on her last. I have to be here for her. A lot of the players were telling me for me to be strong and stay, but I said “Bawi, I would want to be with my mom. I will support you guys still. From Belize, I will support the team.” Basically my ma is one of my biggest supporters; she has always been there for me, even before I left the Wednesday morning, me and my ma sat down and talked and she told me that she wanted me to go out there and do my best and prove that Belize could play football. She is a real football fan and has been to all of my football games.

He was non-committal on who he expected his replacement to be on Saturday, preferring to leave that to coach Ian Mork, but says he has told his fellow players to stay focused against Costa Rica, as he plans to be back in time for Tuesday’s match against Cuba. Following his interview Jimenez was taken away in a police vehicle to be by his mom’s side. He is a young police officer from San Ignacio and plays club football for Police United.

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