David Nanes Schnitzer’s bail is revoked

The bail for international fugitive David Nanes Schnitzer tonight stands revoked over a month after he was granted bail. Justice Herbert Lord this afternoon upheld an application to that effect made by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. The crown led by prosecutor Kileru Awich presented an affidavit by PC Victor Salam stating that Banes did not comply with the conditions of his bail to appear for his vlcsnap-4343-11-20-03h25m24s956adjournment date on November 23rd. Justice Lord ruled that bail is revoked and forfeited to the state from the principal and the surety in the sum of 10 thousand dollars each with effect from today. Nanes Schnitzer who is wanted in Mexico for leading the Mexican arm of the R. Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of millions of dollars was granted bail by Justice Dennis Hannomansingh on November 20th. It was a move that was frowned upon even as his defense attorney cited large business interests in San Pedro as reason for Nanes to be granted bail. The case has been a black eye for Belize and led to a diplomatic protest from the government of Mexico over Belize’s negation in allowing Nanes’ extradition. Prime Minister Dean Barrow cited that the relevant treaty between both countries was never brought into effect by being written into the municipal legislation.

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