Day of Healing held in Yarborough Community





Since it began earlier this year the Day of Healing initative has been all over the City bringing a day of peace to crime-torn communities. On Saturday, despite the wet weather in the City, residents of the Yarborough area hosted fun activities. Co-organizer Jerome “Peeloff” Mejia says the rain did not dampen the spirit of the event.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h25m52s113Jerome Mejia

“We have some football and basketball involved in it, but due to the weather and the constant raining and things, we no get the basketball and football off the ground, but we make the kids play the tournament.  We decided that this time we would be at Yarborough Field.  We have kids in this area and we have people who get hurt due to the violence, so we decided we would open the doors to let them use Yarborough Field.”

There will be one last activity to be held in December.

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