Day of healing in Belize City

Shockwaves were felt throughout the country in January when four men from the George Street area were ruthlessly murdered, in a case that remains unsolved. Residents of that community were initially shaken, but picked themselves up and started the healing process with a candlelight vigil and community day shortly after the incident. The idea has picked up steam and on Saturday another community that has been wracked by violence, the St. Martin de Porres area of Lake Independence, will host their own event. We spoke today to organizer Perry Smith.

Perry Smith:
vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h18m02s150I’ve talked with members of the community out there.  I tell them if they are willing to work with the next community.  If they would come out and work with them, they said yes.  I gone, talk with members of different communities. So happen it end up being my community what decide to come out, and they may want a day of healing. Community members from back here, we start sit down with the members from Dean Street, sit down with members back ina this community, and we decide fi put one day of healing for this community.  Because we want this thing spread from community to community.  The whole nation of Belize need one day of healing.  All communities throughout this country need one day of healing.  Too much crime and violence have ravished and devastated our country, that we need fi come back out and show that we know weself, we love weself, and we willing fi take ownership of our communities.  So this initiative started from a great tragedy, and it could be so beautiful that could spread throughout the country.

Smith says both area residents and visitors can look forward to a fun-filled day.

Perry Smith:
Pon the day we will have basketball, football, running race, bike race, dance contest, lime and spoon, volleyball.  We have one lady, Miss Karen McKenzie, what tell we she wha bring out one big bouncing aqua-set for the kids, they jump up pon. We never hear ’bout that.  So for me, I’ll probably put on me shorts, and go bounce up pon that, and get wet ina di water.  We wan have one pop-corn machine out there for the kids. We wan have lots of things out there for the kids.  We’ll have music, live.  We wan have one stage, one live DJ, different DJs. We have Belizean artists.  Everything wha we have out there will be completely free.  We get 30 pound of fish from Crooked Tree.  We’ll barbeque some fish, barbeque some chicken, stew some chicken. We got juice and soft drinks, because it’s a family community event we no di serve no liquor. We want any and every community fi come out, take part ina di day wi we and enjoy the day.  April 13th from 9 a.m. ina di morning, till 5 p.m. ina di afternoon. Then we’ll take pause, have one candle-light vigil. We’ll try to encompass one portion of the community.  Any block where we will pass along the way, where somebody pass away to senseless crime and violence, we will say one lee prayer.  

Donations are still being accepted, contact Smith at 601-2342. The initiative is expected to become an annual event and plans are being prepared for another day of healing in the Mesopotamia area in the near future.

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