Daylight armed robbery in Griga

An armed robbery in broad daylight, at a poultry store in Dangriga – namely Fiesta Chicken Hi-Line Poultry Ltd, located in the North River Side area – has cost the business establishment over $2,000.

According to reports, sometime after 11:00 am on Tuesday, a man of dark complexion entered the store, posing as a customer, took out a .38 revolver firearm and held up the cashier, while his accomplice waited outside.

Fortunately no one was injured during the incident.

Edgar Alvarado is an employee at the store, he recounted what he saw.


vlcsnap-2014-10-16-08h36m48s78Edgar Alvarado

[Paraphrased] “He was a dark person, not so fat neither.  Maybe if I see him, I could recognise him. 

That was everything that I had.

When he came by, I said, ‘I’ve been robbed already.’

People started to come.  The Police were called.


They have since detained one person and are looking for another whom they believe can assist in the investigations. Dangriga police reveal that they have since recovered $1,800 believed to be the property of the store.

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