Daylight Robbery in Corozal Commercial Free Zone

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-07h17m29s242A daylight robbery occurring in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone has left one businessman short of several Hundred thousand dollars. On Monday the 24th February, 2014 about 10:00am Ricardo Villasenor 48 yrs. A Mexican businessman of Quintana Roo, Mexico, exited the back of North American Store to go to his car which was parked approximately 15 meters away in the compound. Just as he opened the trunk of his car to take out the money which he had placed in two black plastic bags, he told police that two Creole men approached him. One of the men placed a knife on Mr Villasenor’s right side and said in Spanish “Dame el dinero sino te mato” meaning in English “Give me the money or else I will kill you”. The other man had a hammer with him whilst he was being robbed. The men took both black plastic bags which contained 1.25 Million Pesos or 208,000.00 Belize Dollars.  They then pushed Ricardo Villasenor into the trunk of the car, searched him and proceeded to take his phone and other cash he had on him.  The entire robbery was caught on surveillance Cameras which will help police in their investigations. So far one person has been detained but nothing has been recovered.

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