Days of Healing moves on to Kelly Street

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The Days of Healing Movement suffered a massive setback with the death of Tulio Caceres on the Friday before their Father’s Day event in the Mayflower Street area. And there has been even more hurting rather than healing since, as the violence in the City’s streets have claimed as many as ten lives and injured several more. Still, creator and organizer Perry “Sticks” Smith says they will push forward with their latest event, scheduled for Sunday in the Kelly Street area.

vlcsnap-2014-07-12-08h36m22s226Perry Smith

[Paraphrased] Tulio Caceres Pinelo was one of the brothers who stepped up for Taylors Ally the community.  It shocked me that he was taken right before Father’s Day of Healing, to know that the brother got gunned down.  It’s really sad for the Committee, everyone that worked with Days Of Healing, to hear about the loss of life.  The other day, Miss Rose Grant, another Committee member, has an accident over the weekend, where her vehicle flipped over the road.  She ended up having to get sent to the States this week, for some reconstruction surgery The Committee’s whole heart and wishes [are] for the best health and strength, and for you coming back to us, Miss Rose. Our love and sympathy is still there for the Caceres family.  We want to continue to push, with all the adversities, all the obstacle.  We see the need for Days Of Healing, and we see the desire for it in the communities.  So obstacles and adversities do not deter us.”

Perry Smith is working with philanthropist and Kelly Street native Joel “Dara” Robinson to organize the event, which begins at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, July 13 with the usual games and activities as well as delicious food, including fresh-cooked fish from the Crooked Tree area. As for the Jane Usher Boulevard area which has seen so much hurt recently, Perry Smith says an event is planned for the end of the year but they are open to speaking with that troubled neighborhood’s residents earlier than planned.

Perry Smith

[Paraphrased] “We have a Days Of Healing set for Boxing Day.  I told one of my brothers, and he communicated with one of the ladies from the Jane Usher group.  We let them know that on Boxing Day, we plan to promote a Days Of Healing [event] in the Jane Usher community. 

We’re open and receptive to talk with every and any individual.  When we ride around on our bicycles, brothers stop us, sisters stop us.  We talk.  We communicate.  We try [to] rationalize things, [to] reason out things.  We can just talk to the people, [and] give them a little motivation.  That’s what we will do.”

As always, entrance is free and visitors are encouraged not to bring alcohol or malicious thoughts to this community event.

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