Days of Healing returns to Dean Street

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We have been regularly reporting on the activities of the Days of Healing Initiative, which promotes clean family activity in crime-affected areas. The initiative started in the wake of the gruesome quadruple murder of four Belize City men in an apartment on Dean Street between Plues and George Streets, Belize City, a crime that has yet to be solved.

Community residents and activists led by Perry “Stickz” Smith are organizing a third annual Day of Healing event, which is officially the twenty-first monthly event under the program.

We spoke to Smith on Friday, about activities which will kick off in the morning of Saturday, January 24.


Perry Smith – Organizer, Days Of Healing

[Paraphrased]  “Days Of Healing is going back home.  We’re going back to Dean Street to host the Third Annual Day Of Healing on Dean Street, which well be the twenty-first Community Day Of Healing.

We had to go back home, because that is where Days Of Healing started, at Dean Street.  Every year, we’re going back there, to start off the year. 

We have some of the founding community members in the Days Of Healing, the whole Dean Street community.

We plan to have basketball out there.  We’ll have some running races, and things like that.  Also, check out some chess.  We have Belizean artists lines up, ready to come out. 

The community have their sound system which they’re going to bring out there.

We’ll have Police out there, as the streets will be blocked off between George Street and Plues Street. 

We extend our hands to everybody and anybody to come out and take part.  Everything is free.”

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