Days of Healing scheduled for Boxing Day

Christmas Day is usually spent with family, but Boxing Day, celebrated on December 26, does not carry as much tradition.

The Days of Healing Committee, led by Perry “Sticks” Smith, wants to bring residents of the Jane Usher Boulevard, Belize City,  together for a community celebration. We spoke to him on Friday for a preview.


vlcsnap-2014-12-25-07h12m59s89Perry Smith – Days of Healing Organizer

[Paraphrased] “As you know Boxing Day, the big day after Christmas, not everybody goes to the horse race  and things, but a lot of us down here on the Southside we can’t afford to go up the road to the horse race.

So we have made sure that we have this Boxing Day ‘Day Of Healing’ in the Jane Usher community.  We’ve linked up with the Jane Usher Neighborhood Association.

All the ladies from the Association have worked with us to have this ‘Day Of Healing’ on Boxing Day, on the Basketball Court.

Everything is absolutely free.  We’ll have stewed chicken out there, barbecued chicken, rice and beans, stewed beans, white rice.

We’ll have sports, basketball competitions.  We’ll have marbles.  We’ll have running races, sack race, skip rope, and different events for the youths.”


The program begins at 9:00 a.m. For those wishing to contribute, contact Smith at 601-2342, or the Jane Usher Neighborhood Association at 660-1042.


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