De Mar’s managing director issues statement on Noh Mul destruction

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h34m19s219The excavation of the Noh Mul mayan monument has been at the forefront of social and media discussions. There has been outrage expressed both at home and abroad. Well today,  managing director of the company accused of the incident issued a press release. Denny Grijalva says that his company De’ Mar’s was recently contracted to undertake the construction and rehabilitation of roads in Douglas Village also in the Orange Walk district. Grijalva says   that a first site for the excavation of material was identified by the company Foreman. The Chairman of Douglas Village was reportedly not satisfied with the quality of the material and obtained permission from a landowner to extract material from his property from which material has been excavated for well over a decade. When NICH officials and a crew from an Orange Walk based television station appeared at the site, the officials instructed the company Foreman to halt operations informing that the site is of archaeological interest. Grijalva says he shares the public’s concern and indeed condemnation at the unfolding of this very unfortunate incident. He says he is committed to fully cooperate with the authorities in their investigation into this regrettable incident.

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