Dead Body Found in Primary School Bathroom

The body of a dead man identified as that of 30 year old Azael Gomez, Belize Construction Worker, of Guinea Grass Village was discovered inside the bathroom of Guinea Grass Primary School. Consuelo Equizabal, a Teacher at Guinea Grass R. C. told Plus News that it was one of her Infant 2 students who first discovered the dead body.

vlcsnap-2014-03-31-23h31m35s60Ms. Consuelo Eguizabal- Teacher of Guinea Grass R.C. Primary School

“I was in the classroom and the child asked me to go to the bathroom.  It was approximately 9:00 this morning.  I told her yes, you can go and when she came back about a minute later or so, she came and she tells me that there was a man in the bathroom, that she could see the foot putting out”.

Emanuel Pech, Reporter:  “Describe the state the body was in and how you found out that the man was       dead”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-31-18h33m29s53Ms. Consuelo Eguizabal:  “Well, I went close to the bathroom, but I didn’t continue because there was this strong harsh smell and I didn’t have the guts to…you know? I realized that the man couldn’t’ be alive because of the smell and there was houseflies buzzing around”.

Emanuel Pech, Reporter:  “What was the reaction or what was the state that you swath eother students?”

Ms. Consuelo Eguizabal:  “From the other class, the Infant I Class and the Infant II classes started to cry.  They were very shocked.  In fact, all the school was very shocked”.

We spoke to Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillette, Deputy O. C. of the Orange Walk Branch who told us what police investigations have revealed so far.

vlcsnap-2014-03-31-19h19m30s241Inspector Selvyn Tillet- Deputy Officer in Charge of the Orange Walk Police

“Police was summoned to a four door toilet at the Guinea Grass R.C. Primary School in the Orange Walk district, where we discovered the motionless body of one Azael Gomez, 30 years, construction worker of the said village”.

Emanuel Pech, Reporter:  “You said that a man was reportedly missing since Saturday?”

Police Inspector:  “Apparently, he was missing since Saturday.  Acording to his wife, he was missing since Saturday morning.  Sonce then he was not sen anymore”.

Reports are that Azael Gomez had been socializing with other friends on Saturday night and was under the influence of alcohol when he went to use the bathroom of the Guinea Grass R. C. Primary School.  Information coming to Plus News is that the body was found in a sitting position with his pants down.

Though it has not been made official, it appears that police are not suspecting foul play, however, Gomez was found with a bruise to his temple, which could indicate that Gomez fell and hit his head, resulting in his death.

A post-mortem is due shortly.  The school cancelled classes for the rest of the day after the body was discovered today. However, classes are scheduled to resume as per usual tomorrow.

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