Dead body near Santa Martha indentified as Orland Cortez

On Thursday we told you of a dead body which was discovered on the outskirts of Santa Martha Village in the Orange Walk District. Police have since identified the body as that of villager Orland Cortez, a 56 year old Guatemalan Laborer of Santa Martha Village. Reports are that sometime after11:00 a.m. on Thursday August 7th , Aldo Cortez, a Guatemalan farmer of the same village and the brother of Orlando, was doing some work by a cane field, located about a quarter mile north-west from the Village, when he came across the body of the deceased. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, forensics had to do an onsite post mortem, but even so, the results were inconclusive and the cause of death was certified as undetermined.  It must be further noted that there were no visible signs of violence on the body that authorities could have identified. Residents of the village are saying that Orlando suffered from Epilepsy, a neurological disorder also known as “seizure disorder”. Orlando Cortez was last seen at about 7 on Monday morning. According to Orange Walk police, no missing person report was ever filed.

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