Dead shrimp floating in shrimp farm pond

Marine products make up a significant part of Belize’s domestic exports; valuing some 112 million dollars in the year 2013.  The shrimp industry is a part of that sector and has had its ups and downs in Belize with a contracting and then rebounding of the market over the years. This evening, Plusnews received word that one of the shrimp farms located in the south had dead shrimps floating in its ponds today. We have been told that BAHA officials have been in the area and a quarantine is under way to ensure that there is no spread of whatever is causing the shrimp kill. Most of the shrimp farms are located in the Southern part of the country and are situated between Riversdale and Monkey River area, harvesting Pacific White Shrimp. In 2003, twelve farms were operating and earned over $92 million dollars in export revenue. A contamination of other shrimp farms would be a tremendous blow to the multimillion dollar industry. We will be following this story as investigations into the cause of the shrimp kill are surely on the way.vlcsnap-2015-04-16-09h07m38s17

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