As of midnight lastnight, pump pruces for regular gasoline and kersone saw a decrease. The Ministry of Finance issued a release stating that regular gasoline has declined by 13 cents per gallon at the pump in Belize City to a new price of $10.89 per gallon. The pump price for Kerosene has seen a decrease of 43 cents per gallon in Belize City. The new price of Kerosene is now $8.21 per gallon. According to the Ministry, the price decreases have come about because the batch of products from a recent shipment was procured by PUMA, earlier last month, when global oil prices were on the tail-end of a sharp decline. The Government of Belize, however, expects these decreases to be short lived due to elevating geopolitical tensions in Iran and the Middle East. The pump prices of Premium Gasoline and Diesel Oil remained unchanged.

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