Delegations from Mexican Universities visit Belize





In an effort to foster trade and education cooperation, a 22 member delegation from the Mexican university Universidad Tecnica de Camargo (UTCam), based in Camargo, Chihuahua, is visiting Belize this week. An agreement will be signed by that university’s rector, Professor Fidel Gonzalez and University of Belize president Dr. Cary Fraser. Chihuahua is a northern state bordering Texas but according to faculty member Yilmar Juarez, it has a lot to offer.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-08h08m33s97Mr. Yilmar Juarez- Faculty Member

“Chihuahua, lots of history; lots of culture lots of nature!   Have you heard about the Capri Canyon?


Reporter:  “I have not”.

Mr. Yilmar Juarez:   “It’s great.   Lots of nature…on a mountain scene.    It’s one of the biggest in Mexico.   That mountain line goes all the way to California throughout the United States but it’s the biggest.   There’s lot of tourism there.   We could call that …there lots of sports for that too.   It’s an environment…although it’s not a beach, it’s a place where you could go and have fun with your family…it’s a family environment and you could relax through the nature, get nuts with new people…good people too.   Like I said, in Capri Canyon, there’s a lot of people”.

But what about the University? English teacher Mirna Contreras says Belizeans can fit in well with the University’s concentrations.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-08h09m31s165Ms. Mirna Contreras- English Teacher

“The interest is, we want to have this main cultural and academic exchange.   The moments may come when the students may go and enjoy what we have as a region at Camargo, that is a part of Chihuahua, the biggest state in Mexico, and, for our students to have the opportunity to come and enjoy this beautiful place”.

Reporter:  “What areas of studies do you allow for the…Belizeans may be interested in?”

Ms. Mirna Contreras:  “In our university, we have three careers:  Business Development, Tourism and Mechatronics.   The educational model of the University is mainly based on regional needs.   They have to have a stusy before they open the school.   Each technological university adapts to the needs of that sectors…the careers…make specifications to the region”.

Two other universities, Tecnologia de Tarahumara and TecMilenio, also sent representatives. The students displayed their own work both at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City and at UB’s campus in Belmopan. International trade students will be joining Belize’s students in negotiating a Draft Partial Scope Agreement between the two countries, supervised by officials from Belize’s Ministry of Trade and the local Embassy on Wednesday.

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