Deliveryman for Chon Saan Palace, Belize City, robbed

A 19 year old deliveryman for Chon Saan Palace Belize City robbed. The 19 year old reported that on Tuesday night at about 8:20pm he made a delivery at house located at the corner of the George Price Highway and Vernon Street, Belize City. chon_saan_palaceUpon arrival he met a brown complexion male person who came downstairs from the second floor and approached him. He then handed the man a plastic bag containing the food items valued at $17.00 BZE dollars. The delivery man told Police that the male person stated that the person who would pay for the food went to the shop and would be back shortly. Shortly thereafter, a fair complexion male person, slim built and wearing a black mask came running with a gun from the direction of the cemetery and pointed it to the left side of the delivery man’s face. Then the male with the food took out a handgun and pointed it at him as well. The man without mask then dragged the deliveryman off his motor cycle and relieved him of cash and personal items. He was pushed underneath the stairs of the building and then instructed to lie face down on the ground and count to 100 after which the heard the cycle drive off and noticed that the suspects had left. Police investigation continues

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