Denfield Lemott sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for theft

vlcsnap-2013-07-24-08h37m56s8534-year-old Denfield Lemott was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment late yesterday evening when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano.   Lemott walked into the office of Secretary, Lavern Staine, the former secretary of Justice Oswell Legall of the Supreme Court. He stole the secretary’s purse which contained $1,350 in Belize Currency, US $40, $350 in pesos.  Lemott was seen shortly thereafter leaving the building and police caught up with him.  According to police, Lemott told them he would take them to where he had hid the purse. He then took them to the Holy Redeemer where he stuck his hand into a PVC pipe and retrieved $350.00 in pesos.   But according to Lemott, he put the pesos in that area after it was given to him by an unknown person.  For the offense of theft, Magistrate Cayetano imposed a 5-year jail term since Lemott has 12 previous convictions for offenses of dishonesty including handling stolen goods, theft, robbery, aggravated assault and drug possession.   Lemott presently has two theft charges pending before the court.

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