Dennis Gabourel fined for grievous harm

On Wednesday we told you of 57 year old Dennis Gabourel, who was acquitted of the rape of his former common-law wife, but convicted of causing grievous harm by a jury of nine.

However on appearing in court on Thursday for sentencing, he avoided jail time and got a fine of $10,000 to be paid by March 31, in default three years in prison, and was also ordered to pay compensation of $3,000 to the complainant by June 30, 2015.

Justice Troadio Gonzalez, presiding, agreed with Mr Gabourel’s attorney, Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson, that a fine rather than a custodial sentence should be imposed to keep the prison from being clogged with prisoners serving time for this and similar offenses.

Dennis Gabourel claimed that the sex between him and the complainant, on September 19, 2003 near the municipal airstrip, was consensual rather than rape, and denied causing injury to his ex, who he said attacked him and fell down when he moved out of the way.

The Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Kileru Awich.

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