Dental Health Week Celebrated with Fair in Central Health Region

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-11h11m02s0Under the theme “Brush and Floss Every Day and Keep Cavities Away,” this week is being observed as Dental Health Week.   Today there was a fair held on the grounds of the Central Health Region. Senior Dental Surgeon in the Ministry of Health Dr. Raphael Samos explains.


vlcsnap-2013-10-24-11h10m53s141Dr. Raphael Samos – Senior Dental Surgeon in the Ministry of Health:

“It’s basically a health fair that we announced; it’s one of the ways that dental bar is trying to create awareness on the kids and on the public on a whole.   It’s part of dental week which is from the 20th to the 26th of this month, under the theme “Brush and Floss Every Day and Keep the Cavities Away”.

Reporter:  “What is the purpose of dental health awareness?   What is it that you are hoping to achieve?”

Dr. Raphael Samos:  “We are trying to reach out to the younger population this time around by targeting several schools.   This event of Dental Health Week is happening countrywide.   But in particular, right now, the Dental Health fair is targeting five schools in the city.   We would want to carry it out to all the schools, but obviously, we can’t cater for all.   But again, whoever didn’t receive this time around, will be rotated next year”.

According to Mr. Samos, this week’s activities are mainly about education.

Dr. Raphael Samos:  “It’s more and educational thing that we are doing.   We have several departments that have joined up.   We have Pharmacy, we have ECT, we have HECOPAB, we have Water Lab.   We even have some private agents like Brodies and San Cas Group of Companies, and they have been very supportive of the dental department”.

Reporter:   “Finally, do you have or share any statistic that you can share with us relating to dental?”

Dr. Raphael Samos:  “Yeah, in the past we used to say that people used to come to the dentist just to normal extraction, but little by little, the way we are doing it, we are pushing it more for education, and with that in mind we have seen an increase of people asking instead of just extractions they are coming in and asking for options.   And this is what we are creating also.   By educating the kids right now and we take that message to their schools”.

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