Dentist convicted for unethical acts in US stopped from opening office in Belize

vlcsnap-8401-08-14-12h13m50s600Thanks to a tip, police have been able to close down a dentist office in San Pedro before it opened for its first day of business. The reason is because the American dentist who would be vlcsnap-4553-12-12-00h23m14s031operating that clinic, has criminal records in North Carolina,  United States for injecting semen into his clients mouths and for making sexual advances on clients while they sat in his dentist chair. The name of the clinic is Oceanside Dental located at the Four Sisters Plaza on Pescador Drive in San Pedro. Investigations are now ongoing as to how Dentist John Hall was able to get a license to practice dentistry in Belize and how it is that he has a Belizean Social Security card under one name and work permits under different names. According to reports, Dentist John Hall was accused in 2004 in the US and pleaded guilty to seven counts of injecting semen into his patients’ mouths and was reportedly imprisoned for it.  In an article on the website SFGATE,  it says that the  US state’s dental board suspended Hall’s license on November 5, after police began investigating allegations by two former employees. In February, it conditionally restored his license, barring him from being alone with female patients. While Hall’s dentist clinic in Belize is not in operation, there have vlcsnap-5304-04-14-22h59m53s257been no charges filed against him as these reports are regarding Hall’s past actions for which he has served time in the US. However, according to the San Pedro Sun, ASP Henry Jemmott says that Hall was detained for questioning, and he did not deny to Belize police the
incidents of his arrest in the US.. According to ACP Jemmott, the Medical Council of Belize which initially gave Hall a temporary registration to practice dentistry in Belize on June 22, 2015, has already suspended his license immediately after investigations began.

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