Deon McCauley returns home, makes up with FFB

National Football Team forward Deon McCauley touched down at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) this afternoon on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta, Georgia, ending several weeks of back and forth over whether he would be here for the start of training camp ahead of the second round of the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers. Belize’s top goal scorer was welcomed by members of the organization that helped pay to get him here when the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) was unable to, and told our colleagues at KREM News that it feels good to be home and he wants nothing more than to get to training and begin to prepare to make the national side.

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“It feels very good to be home. Thank God fi bring me ya safe. I had a safe and nice flight . I just want to thank all the people weh support me and the people weh put in all the hard work fi bring me yah. It really feels good to be appreciated by the people of your  country and I di yah fi represent and I di ya fi work. Now it’s time to put in the hard… go to training on Monday, nine o

clock. ,that’s where it starts. From there it’s until June 8th, the first game in Dominica. I think that all the players will accept me because they know the quality that I bring to the team and most of the players on the team know me well.  I am very easy to get along with and I know the team will support me and I will do my best, as usual, to do whatever I have to, to help the team. ”

After it was learned that McCauley was unable to pay his way home and the FFB was not willing to intervene due to international rules prohibiting payments for players not attached to a club, a group of Belizeans formed up and committed to getting the star striker on a plane to the Jewel. They have succeeded and now both McCauley and the Federation prepare to put this embarrassment behind them. Federation President Ruperto Vicente, who coincidentally was the first official to meet with McCauley as they were returning on the same flight from the U.S., says the Federation is pleased to have McCauley in training beginning on Monday. One key organizer of the “Bring Deon Home” campaign was Belmopan’s very own Anna Banner Guy, a councilor of the Belmopan City Council. Avid fan of football and a Deon supporter, Anna explained to us today why she felt it important for her to rally behind this campaign to get Belize’s top scorer back on Belizean soil.

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” This is far bigger than just bringing Deon to Belize. It’s really looking at our youths and in particular our athletes and how valuable they are to us. This is just an example and we believe and we want the entire country to look at this as an example of how we should treat our athletes and how we should not treat our athletes. They are very valuable, so it’s not about Deon coming home and scoring goals… it is not about that, at least not for me. I believe that the committee members feels the same way, that it is about really putting our athletes first and meeting their needs and supporting them where ever they are.

Emmanuel Pech – Plus TV R

 Deon playing in the next game?”

Anna Banner- Guy 

“Well most naturally. My family and I we go to all the national games and of course with all this effort to have Deon come here, we are hoping that the games will be even more attended and Belize, of course will come out on top.”

The organizing committee managed to meet its targeted mark of $5,000 within the course of 3 days.

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