Deon McCauley’s Confident About Goals Vs. DR

If you are up to speed with the latest news concerning Belizean football you’d know that after a long embarrassing episode between star striker Deon McCauley and the FFB executives, the Belize’s top scorer finally returned to Belize on April and has since been training with the A team. Assistant Coach Charles Slusher says the team feels more complete. With Deon on the pitch he is confident the team will not only make the plays but finish it off with a goal.

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“Definitely, the team is a better team now that Deon is here and I think maybe that is one of the reason why we are much more confident going into this game because like I said, our offense problem really and truly has been solved with just having Deon on the pitch. So that again is a big thing when it comes to helping the national team to advance. And again, with Deon, we can confidently say now we have a complete team to face Dominican Republic. “

Deon was out of the country during the first round of the Gold Cup Qualifiers which was played against the Grand Cayman Islands. Today he gave us his analysis of that game and told us what he is bringing to the field in the upcoming game against the Dominican Republic


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“With every team they have players that connect with each other; that have that chemistry. I think that maybe in the first two games that they played against Cayman; maybe the players didn’t have that chemistry. With a forward player, you have to have good chemistry with the midfield players and I feel that maybe they didn’t have that then. But now the experience and the movement and everything that I bring to the team and the goal scoring and the finishing part of the game, I feel that that’s the part of the game that I bring that will be a big difference in these two games that we are going to play.

McCauley also discussed the strategy he is taking to the pitch on June 11th.

Deon McCauley

“It’s an away game so we have to take it with utmost importance because away goals do matter in these series as was with the Cayman series so we have to try and get as much away goals as we can so that we can come home and play a comfortable game in front of our home fans. I feel that that will be the most important thing for us. Every game is different. I like to start off with one goal and you never know what happens after that. once we get the first goal, anything can happen after that. I can end up with three, four goals in a game. It all depends. But I have confidence that I can score and I will score at least one goal…if not both of the series. So right now, my confidence is high and I am not letting back right now.”

The first leg of the game starts at 4pm on Thursday June 11th in Dominican Republic. The Second leg of the game starts at 4pm on Sunday June 14th at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. Of note is that the president of the FFB Ruperto Vicente was absent from the unveiling of the National Team selection today and at the very start of the press conference, the media was sternly warned that if any questions arose about Sepp Blatter and Ruperto’s vote at the FIFA presidential elections, the conference would be halted.

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