Deon Yorke murdered in the streets of Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h04m46s164vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h05m11s157Belize City’s latest murder took place late on Friday evening. According to police 28 year old Deon Yorke of Pickstock Street was walking on New Road minutes before midnight, when at the corner with Hyde’s Lane he was approached by a single armed man who shot him twice in the upper left chest and left upper arm. The man, who was on bicycle, immediately fled the area and Deon Yorke died while being treated at the KHMH early Saturday morning. Sister of the deceased, Alicia Yorke, told us that the family went through a tumultuous experience when attempting to see how the father of four was doing.

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h05m56s82Ms. Alicia Yorke- Sister of the Deceased

“Eventually I even dropped down, sake ah dih tel we that how…the first time dem mih seh dat that how e dead, then aftah dat dehn dat how e okay and when w do get fih get eenah dih emergency part, da then dehn say that sorry bout the bad news but e neva mek it.   So, dehn mek we gahn see ah and, dehn she da time fih come out”.

Reporter:  “Have you been able to see the body of your brother so far?”

Ms. Alicia Yorke:  “Yes, me and e wife mih deh een deh at the moment when e dead…only me, she and her sistah”.

Reporter:   “Could you tell us if you observed any type of wound that you saw on his body?”

Ms. Alicia Yorke:  “Well, the only gunshot I see dah mih dih one andah e arm, e left arm and unto e chest”.

Deon Yorke’s girlfriend, Lafaye Louise, actually heard the shots from where she was but had no inkling that her loved one was under attack.

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h06m20s40Ms. Lafaye Louise- Girlfriend of the Deacesed

“Like must e bout ten or fifteen minutes aftah dih gun shot, or neeven twenty five because I hear the two gunshot.   But my ma neva deh pahng he because I no know he as somebody weh go dah side deh.   I just mih dih sit down with my frend dehng and tel dehn how if dehn hear dih gunshot.   So dehn dih tel me, yes!   And wah yound lady run and she hallaw, Lafaye, dah dideeh! And by dih time I run out so fih gahn see if e still dih deh, the police dohn care ah.   And ah reach dah hazpital and when ah reach da hazpital, deh neva wah mek ah see ah.   And when ah gahn een and see ah, then I ask the police fih seh if dah Deon get shot, and dehn tell me yes , dah Deon.”

Reporter:  “How do you describe that moment?”

Ms. Lafaye Louise:  “Man, da no wa pretty feeling.   That dah neva mih wa pretty feeling because 2010, I looz my dawtah pa’ by gun too and now, 2013…(sobbing) it’s unfair fih he five son, fih he foour…my nex baby only ten monts! (continues sobbing) Dah no a nice feeling; da no a nice feeling cah dehn baby, dehn love dehn pa!”   ahn e mih love fih he pikni”.

According to Ms. Louise the father of four may have felt he was in danger but did not tell her about it.

Ms. Lafaye Louise:  “The last time I sih Deon dah moz e bout afath eeaht.   E gahn buy eenah di Chynee an he and my baby hallaw, “Daddaw!”   So, I hallaw an I tellah seh, Deon, dih baby dih hail you ahn e play id dih baby!   An e kiss dih baby ah e tell dih baby, “Daddy love you!”   Daah weh e tell dih baybee, and I watchah ride straight eenah Love Lane and lang by dih Barrics yah.   That dah dih lass time I sih Deon alive”.

Police have detained two persons and seek another in connection with the investigation.

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