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On Tuesday The Department of Youth Services hosted a youth cook-off in which the participants had to make a three-course meal and drink for three hungry judges. But it is not quite as easy as it sounds. For more we join youth empowerment coordinator Kathryn Guzman.

vlcsnap-2013-11-06-09h22m34s46Kathryn GuzmanYouth Empowerment Coordinator

“Today, we are going to have a cook off sponsored by Grace Kennedy.    Every year, we are trying to have this.   Last year we had one; it was successful and this year we have another one”.

Reporter:  “So, what is the redeeming idea behind it you are trying to teach these kids?”

Kathryn Guzman:  “Team works, basically.   These children will be judged by eight criteria, we have three lovely judges; we have six schools that are going to participate in this event”.

Reporter:  “So, what will the schools be doing?”

Kathryn Guzman:  “It’s a cooking competition.   They have a three course meal and a drink that they have to prepare”.

Reporter:  “Do they have a previous training in hospitality?”

Kathryn Guzman:  “Well, most of the schools have a hospitality class that’s Food and Nutrition lass that they take on a regular basis.   So, that’s why they came and we send us the fliers and they told us that they wanted to participate and so we got our six”.

Reporter:  “Can they provide and do anything they want or do they have to make what you stipulate?”

Kathryn Guzman:  “No. we won’t give them what we want.   They have to prepare their own stuff”.

The winners received a prize package including their own stove and gift basket. National Youth Week continues all this week.

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