Deputy Prime Minister tenders registration letter

Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega has tendered his resignation letter stepping down from his role as Deputy Prime Minister of Belize.  According to a statement from the United Democratic Party , Vega, in a letter dated March 8, 2016,  the same date as the Budget Speech presentation in the house, also informed the Party of his decision not to stand again for his Orange Walk North seat in the next General Elections. Vega was not at the House of Representatives on Tuesday either.  Hon Vega said that in view of this early notification of his retirement from electoral politics at the end of the current term, he feels it is right that he not continue as First Deputy Party Leader of the UDP.  Vega was to be endorsed as the 1st Deputy Party leader at the UDP’s upcoming convention on March 20 but since he is no longer prepared to accept the four year endorsement, the UDP says that  “… the March 20 Convention will now proceed only to endorse, for the next four years, the Party Leader Rt Hon Dean Barrow; the Second Deputy Leader, Hon Erwin Contreras; the Party Chairman Alberto August; and the Deputy Party Chair Fern Gutierrez. The National Party Council of the UDP will meet shortly after the March 20 Convention to decide on the procedure and timing for a special election to choose the new First Deputy Party Leader to succeed Hon Vega.” Hon Vega has made clear that he will continue to “faithfully serve the United Democratic Party and will do whatever….in the interest of the betterment of the party”. He also pledged to work with his successor to ensure another victory for Orange Walk North. The press release ends by saying that,  “…Hon Vega’s decision regarding his tenure as First Deputy Party Leader, has nothing to do with his position as a Minister of Government. He therefore remains in the Cabinet of Belize.” Hon. Gaspar Vega was missing from Tuesday’s Sitting of the House of Representatives, the same day his resignation letter was dated.vlcsnap-2016-03-11-12h22m30s419 vlcsnap-2016-03-11-12h22m37s904 vlcsnap-2016-03-11-12h22m47s843

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