Destruction of Marijuana Plants and plantations by Guatemalans in adjacency zone

The Ministry of National Security says that a joint patrol was conducted in the adjacency zone areas of Valentin Camp, Retiro, Cebada and Sapote during the period 29 May, 2016 to 9 June 2016.  Members of the Belize Defence Force, with the support of the Belize Police Department, Forestry Department, Ministry of Human Development and Friends for Conservation and Development, came across a number of marijuana plants, 650 of them. The Guatemalans in the area also had 50 acres of pumpkin and 100 coffee plants. The patrol destroyed all the marijuana plantation, as well as the pumpkin and coffee plantations The patrol also found  six Guatemalan families consisting of 20 persons who were found to be living in Retiro, Belize. National Security says the families were ordered to leave. vlcsnap-2016-06-14-10h08m32s609 vlcsnap-2016-06-14-10h08m39s777

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