Details continue to surface in what may be considered the most heinous crime in Belize’s history, that of the decapitation of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas by several accomplices including a man with a dubious past, who currently goes by the name William Mason. The other accused are Ernest Castillo, Ashton Vanegas, Terrence Fernandez, all of whom we are told are professional butchers, and Keiron Fernandez an electric technician. The men were arraigned for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnaping. Based on the details provided by the prosecution in court this morning, a man who was identified only as Dodd, a second individual and the now deceased pastor Llewellyn Lucas visited the Intelco hill Belmopan home of Mason. That happened at around midday on Friday July 15. The men claim they met all five accused at the house and that they were subsequently taken to a bathroom, tied up, duct-taped and blindfolded. From there the men were taken to what they later learned was Mason’s Outback Ranch. When Dodd was driven out of the ranch and his blindfold was taken off, he saw that Lucas was no longer with them. The rest of the story picks up from where Belmopan police found the five accused at a bar in Belmopan with the severed head of the pastor in Mason’s F-150 pick up truck. As we have shared, police say they have obtained confessions in the case.

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