Devastated Family, Community and Friends Mourn Brian Townsend’s Goodbye

vlcsnap-2013-12-30-16h46m29s178Canadian Seventh Day Adventist missionary 64 year old Brian Townsend’s decomposed body was found in Peten, Guatemala, a few days after his disappearance from his home in Valley of Peace, Cayo District. The news is equally devastating for Townsend’s family and his son Kory who coordinated the search and for the community, which had come to love and respect him.  Today Pastor Gelder Gamboa of the Seventh Day Adventist Mission in the Valley described the body’s appearance and what was done with it.

vlcsnap-2014-01-06-19h36m29s253Pastor Gelder Gamboa- Seventh Day Adventist Mission

‘The body was 60% decomposed and he has multiple wounds on the body, but certainly we were able to identify Brother Brian; it was him.  From there, the Guatemalan counterparts worked with us very well, brought the body to Belize where his son also identified him the second time and certainly it was Brian and brought a closure to him.  Certainly, his body has been cremated.  On this Sunday, the 12th, we will be having a funeral service at the Valley of Peace Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Also, the remains will be guided back to Canada for the 19th January for a funeral service by the family”.

vlcsnap-2013-12-30-18h37m33s187As the community reels, Pastor Gamboa reminds that God is still in control.

Pastor Gelder Gamboa:  “Never did we imagine that such a thing would happen to him.  Nevertheless, we know that God is in charge and certainly, justice is in His hands”.

Kory Townsend has now returned to Canada to organize the service to be held on January 19. We send our condolences to him and his family. Police are said to be working with their Guatemalan counterparts to find the killer.

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