Devastated Relatives of Knocked Down Septuagenarian Speak up

vlcsnap-2013-12-06-17h45m15s47Last night, we reported on a road accident that claimed the life of 75 year old Gregory Leon Lopez. Shortly before 6 o’clock on Wednesday evening, Lopez was riding his bicycle from Ladyville to Belize City, on Phillip Goldson Highway  when he was knocked down by a white Dodge RAM truck. The truck, carrying two persons, was travelling in the same direction. Contrary to Police reports we received yesterday, Lopez’s family  told the media that he did not die immediately, but an hour later while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Our colleagues at 7News spoke with his them yesterday.

vlcsnap-2013-12-06-21h46m38s231Mr. Gregory Sainsbury- Grandson of the Deceased 

“He stayed with me, actually.  Yesterday, it was the last time I saw him because he brought some food to eat and he said he was coming back, but normally he would ride to Hatieville to his other granddaughter.  I always tell him, don’t go on teh road but he is a fit ole man.  So, unfortunately this happened to him.   The last thing that he said to me that I could recall was just getting up for work because he normally wake me up in the morning and he said, “it’s time to go to work and I told know..’take care, grandps”.

Lopez’s death is the second caused by a road accident on Wednesday evening, as about two hours prior, a vehicle careened onto a sidewalk in Belize City, killing three year old Jahston Terry and injuring his nine year old brother. Last week Thursday, Rural Development Officer, Efrain Cowo died in a road accident on the George Price Highway. Five other persons were wounded. Since then, there have been numerous reports of negligible traffic mishaps, where some passengers walked away with minor bruises and others unhurt. But as fate would have it, Gregory Lopez suffered grave head and body injuries and as a result passed away. His daughter, Carla Sainsbury appealed to drivers to be responsible when on the road and exercise caution. 

vlcsnap-2013-12-06-21h54m22s48Ms. Carla Sainsbury- Daughter of the Deceased

“It may seem to what I saw is more head injuries to me.  He got some stuff on his legs, and stuff like that”.

Reporter:  “Has the driver contacted you?”

“No, I haven’t from the driver. I only spoke to the police at Ladyville Police station; I went up there and spoke to them.  I am a driver myself and I really want to remember that  sometimes, in careless driving, somebody could lose their life.  It might not be yours, but it might be somebody else.  I am not saying who is in the right, if my dad was on the wrong or the driver was on the wrong. Buttry for the other person.  You have to look up for pedestrians because you can’t just drive for drive sake.  You have to be more careful out here, even with the people that ride bicycle”.

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