DFC celebrates 50 years




High banners were suspended over the entrance of the DFC grounds this past Friday as they celebrated their  50th anniversary and the rebranding of their logo. DFC has seen itself in some major pitfalls over the past few years as Natalie Goff, DFC’s current General Manager explained. She categorized two major pitfalls in DFC’s life span both of which were accredited to its inability to access funding. Surely the company has been through a lot and has recently been, as the General Manger put it, given “that new breath of life” by the government of Belize. DFC boasted their record of 0 defaults on loans. This, both Natalie Goff and the former general manager Douglas Singh confirmed.

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-09h38m52s178Douglas Singh – Former General Manager

“Well, the Development Finance Corporation though its long years of history, has never defaulted on any loan, no matter the challenges that it’s been through; and I think that speaks volumes for it.”  




“We spoke to Mr Singh and he said in all of DFC’s fifty years they never defaulted on a loan.  Howdid you manage to meet all your commitment at that time?”

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-09h38m45s106Natalie Goff – DFC’s General Manager

“Well, I think wewant to set the tone for our clients who borrow from us about the real commitment or the seriousness of what they undertake, when they take on a loan.    The funds that we borrow, if we don’t pay back, we’ll not be able to multiply to others.  So, our commitment, even if it has been at the sacrifice of benefits to our staff members, has always been to the persons who were there in terms of financing the operations of the DFC”.

The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the new DFC logo which represents much of DFC’s culture in a contemporary design.

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