Did police find remains of missing 75 year old?

75 year old Francisco Reyes, a resident of Salvapan, Belmopan, was reported missing in mid September after his family said he went to his farm near thevlcsnap-2015-10-05-21h38m07s181 community of Springfield Village, Cayo, and never returned. We shared with you the heart breaking plea of his daughter to have police assist in the finding of her father.  On Saturday, family members still searching for their loved one, came across a sack with skeletal remains in it.  The family was looking for Ruiz south of Spring Field Community, when they made the discovery of the sack between two large rocks. When the approached the sack, they saw skeletal remains in it with what appeared to be a long grey jeans pants and a brown shirt. The family contacted the police. Superintendent Howell Gillet told us more.

Superintendent Howell Gillett: On Saturday morning that passed, we received information of the sighting of some bones in the Springfield area; in the general vicinity that Mr. Fransisco Reyes Ruiz, a 75 year old male person of Belmopan, the same general area that he went missing. But, we cannot conclusively say that the bones are his. So, the bones that were found at that location, in a  cave system, have now been sent to the pathologist. As a matter of fact, post mortem examination is scheduled for today. That will tell us what might have happened to the victim. If indeed that is his bones.

Police are still awaiting the results of a post mortem examination to determine whose bones they are and how the person died. Whoever it is, police say vlcsnap-2015-10-05-20h10m09s92they suspect foul play.

Superintendent Howell Gillett: So it is unclear whether the bones are his bones or how he died. Those 2 questions will have to be answered following the results of the post mortem.

Reporter: From preliminary investigations thought, does it appear to be foul play?

Superintendent Howell Gillett: Yes we suspect foul play. If it’s human bones, we suspect foul play. We cannot say that at this time because we are not the experts that deal with it. But if it’s human bones, mainly we can say that foul play is suspected.

Reporter: So it is being investigated as a murder?

Superintendent Howell Gillett: Of course. Normally we would start wide, start with murder until we narrow down, but it’s a clear cut case of murder is it is human bones.

The family of Francisco Reyes had told us they suspected foul play from the time he went missing and they went to inspect his farm.

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