Dillon Grinage; final murder victim for 2016

Just before 2016 came to an end there was a murder in the Ladyville area; the final one for 2016.  The victim has been identified as 26 year old Dillon Grinage, a Belizean Laborer of Sandhill. ACP Edward Broaster has the details:

Edward Broaster, Assistant Commissioner of Police;

 On Saturday the 31st of December, the rural eastern division Police received reports that a person was shot at the junction ofvlcsnap-2017-01-04-11h48m14s937 the old Northern Highway. This occurred about 9pm.  When police arrived at the scene, they saw a male person with gunshot wounds to his body and they tried to rush him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Our investigation revealed that the deceased Dillon Grinage was sitting with another male person when the lone gunman came from another direction and fired several shots at them, where they were seated at Annalie Food Shop. The deceased received six gunshot wounds and we have mounted since then a manhunt for the suspect who was caught yesterday.

Police have no information what that argument earlier in the day was about and up to this morning, were still looking for the person with whom Grinage was socializing. They did tell us today that the suspect and victim were not friends. His grandmother, Irma Grinage, on whose property he lived since he became an adult but who had raised him since he was a child told us today that Dillon was coming from an End of Year bash for the constituency when he was targeted:

Irma Grinage, Grandmother of deceased;vlcsnap-2017-01-04-12h00m06s822

They say that a crowd was sitting there, he left and went to watch a movie with some friends. They didn’t tell me until the next day, when they told me they said that they had a misunderstanding. No one that was sitting beside him knew that my Grandson was shot, since the fireworks and the noise similar to gunshots. But when they saw him dropped to the ground that is when they noticed.

The update at news time is that Police have positively identified the suspect and he is expected to be charged shortly.

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