Dionicio Salazar is Convicted of Killing Marlon Rivera

Dionicio Salazar has been convicted of murder. Salazar was found guilty of the murder of Marlon Rivera last Friday at the Belmopan Supreme Court by Justice Antionette Moore in a trial without jury.  Rivera was shot and killed on June thirteenth 2010 while his friend Dean Dougal  wasvlcsnap-2016-05-12-11h03m51s370 also shot but survived the ordeal. On the night of the shooting, Rivera, Dougal and his girlfriend were out socializing when they spotted Salazar at a club. The three of them left the club but Salazar allegedly followed them and while they were at a nearby taxi stand Salazar allegedly opened fire. Salazar is to face the attempted murder of Dean Dougal in a separate trial. He is no stranger to the courts as in July of 2015, he walked from a murder charge in the death of Rodney August in June 2008. He was first convicted of murder, but the Court of Appeal set that conviction aside and ordered a retrial in which he was acquitted. He remained behind bars, however, for the murder of Rivera.

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