DIVAZ Next Door TV Show Goes the Hype Way Again





Divaz Next Door presents: Divaz Adventure! Hosts of PlusTV’s daytime show, in collaboration with Bucawina Adventures and Eco Tours are offering viewers the opportunity to spend an activity filled day touring the Mayflower Bucawina National Park.

 vlcsnap-2013-09-23-13h56m32s45Ana Guy-“DIVAZ Next Door” Host

“DIVAZ is of course is a local TV show which aims to educate, empower and entertain families of Belize and we like to do adventurous stuff because our viewers demand it.   You surely Andrea and I would go out and do different things, have the camera follow us and now we’re going to do a big…one!

Andrea Rodriguez-“DIVAZ Next Door” co-host

“Yeah!  This one is going to be bigger for our viewers!   Remember we did one last year where we went to Barton Creek; and that one was just for the moms,   but this year we decided for all of our viewers to take part with the ladies of course,…and like Ana just said awhile ago it is to bring out that adventure spirit”!

The trip is slated for October 5th and will involve water-propelling and zip-lining. Andrea Rodriguez gave more details.

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-14h14m17s210 Andrea Rodriguez-DIVAZ Next Door co-host

Yeah, so, the place “Bucawina” is inside the Mayflower National Park.  I hope I can get to recall Maflower Bucawina National Park because we are being hosted by Bucawina adventures!   They offer a wide variety of tours but because it’s just one day we’re going to do on waterfall.   We’re going to rappel down the waterfall!    We also going to be doing the zip-lining and they also have the Belize’s largest zip-lining ever.  So…it’s going to be definitely an adventure!

Applications can be sent to divaznextdoor@gmail.com, ensure to include your name, occupation and the reason you’d like to join the trip. Deadline for submission is September 23rd. Three winners will be chosen live on next week’s Divaz Next Door, right here on Plus TV.

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