Two DJs Attacked When Party is Shut Down

Decibelic graphicMusic roundabout signalsIt appears that a group of eight men weren’t ready to call it a night and reportedly attacked two disk jockeys when the DJ’s shut down the party. The incident occurred on Sunday, at about 3:15 a.m., where the two DJ’s, were playing inside D-Spot Lounge, located in Corozal Town.

At the conclusion of the night’s activity, they decided to turn off the music, when the group of men jumped them, reportedly for no reason but because the music was turned off.  The victims, whose names we will withhold for their protection, were out of town acts and were taken to the Emergency Room at the Corozal Community Hospital for treatment. .

One of them suffered a stab wound to the left side of abdomen, swollen right eyes and cut over right eye, while the other was also stabbed, to the right upper chest area and right side of lower back. Police are seeking two men whom they believe can assist in their investigations.

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