“Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing” safety program set for Fort George

The “Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing” safety program has been all over Belize in the last few years teaching our youngest citizens the importance of traffic safety. It has evolved into a sort of do-everything community initiative under the watch of former Belize City Council employee Philip “Fawda” Henry. Today, Henry gave PLUS News a preview of upcoming initiatives of the program beginning with a donation of trophies from Reginald Jex.

Philip Henry:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-19h01m11s137This donation was sent from New York with Mr Reginald Jex. Everybody in Belize know Mr Jex has been donating trophies across Belize to all High School and Primary Schools.  Well today we have received the donation of the trophies and the medals for the “Do The Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing” Safety Program.  We’ll have football championships, three-a-side, and we’ll give out these trophies to  each individual, first, second, and third. They will receive trophies and medals from my safety program.  The safety program started in 2010 when I was at Belize City Council.  After leaving the Council I start carry on the program throughout the country, whereby I teach children how to utilize sidewalks and the pedestrian crossing.

The program will next appear in the Fort George division with support from the City Council.

Philip Henry:
My program will continue in the Fort George area whereby we will have another football marathon, three-a-side. Children will play soccer throughout the day, male and female from the age of 7 to 10 years old, and 11 to 16 years old.  We will have football in the Fort George area.  The  Belize City Council has now come on board with my program, and they will be on the program for the Fort George area.  I will like to say the Mayor have also state that he will contribute to the Senior Citizen Program, which is a good thing.  I am waiting for the City Council to complete that promise that they have stated that they will contribute to the Senior Citizen Program, to give grocery baskets to each senior citizen who carry a valid poll card.

That grocery handout is a new component of the program done by select high school students in the evenings after school. Henry says he has been getting some support from the Indian community but is disappointed by his reception in some quarters. He wants all Belizeans on board with a program that has achieved results and good reviews from educators and administrators alike.

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