Documents already drafted for more emergency zones in City if needed

Documents have been drafted for the entire south side Belize City in case a state of emergency needs to be declared in other parts of the City, says Chester Williams. That was his response to a question of potential gang outburst in other parts of the City. According to Williams, it’s simply a stroke of the Governor General’s pen to bring those documents into effect.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: I can tell you that we already have documents drafted for the entire SouthSide Belize City, but we only went after these two for now because those were the two that were in this war tit for tat, and it was unbearable. If the other groups would want to behave in such a way, then we know what to do. Like I said, the documents are already drafted, it’s just a matter for the GG signature, so it is up to them. How we progress from here will be determined by them. If they keep the area calm, they have nothing to fear, but if they want to be out there and perpetrating gang activities, then by all means we will have to draw bow as well.

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