Increasing rumors suggest that former UDP Mayo Zenaida Moya is interested in running for the People’s United Party. This seems likely since the PUP have been facing questions about the Party’s ability to meet the 30% threshold for women candidates. Doubts arose after defeated woman candidate in Corozal Bay, Thea Garcia Ramirez indicated that the party would not be able to meet the threshold. The rumors surrounding Moya’s intent to run under the PUP banner suggests that she will run in the Mesopotamia division. While these reports have not been officially confirmed by Moya herself, when presented with the rumor, Briceno simply responded, “a lot of people have expressed interest in running for the P.U.P.” Here is that response.

Hon. John Briceno, Leader, People’s United Party: As I’ve said, a lot of people want and have shown an expressing interest in running for the PUP and we listen to everybody. It doesn’t mean that we will accept or not accept. As I said a lot of people have been speaking to us. Any of these decisions they have to go through the process. There’s the process where it goes through the vetting committee and also to the National Executive.

As we said, Moya has not officially confirmed any such information 

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